Sunday, July 22, 2012


While you were robbing the donut shop on Admiral and Garnett,
          I was sleeping.

While you were running and being sought by the police,
           I was turning over and getting comfy.

When you were shooting at the police,
           My cell phone woke me up.

"Why is 21st and Garnett closed? I thought I'd call you so you could go to
                                         work another way."

 As I was searching KOTV, KJRH, and KTUL to see why 21st and Garnett was closed,
          You were cornered in my neighborhood.

 As I read about your exploits online,
          Police were closing in on you.

 As I listened to the helicopter overhead and posted on FB: "Hello Boss? I can't come to work until the police say I can: Think they'll believe me?"
          You were raising the gun to your head.

 As I looked for updates and rearranged my schedule thinking that I might not have to go to work for a while,
          You were lying dead in the street.

When I got the text from my daughter telling me that you were dead,
          I was getting in the car to drive to work.

                                21st and Garnett was open.

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