Sunday, October 9, 2011

More of the same...sort of.

It's been two years since I last posted. Maybe it's because the last two years have been a near repeat of the first several posts on this blog. It's like my life has been just like that movie "Groundhog Day".


Involves the same kid, of course. Involves a life-threatening event, too - again, of course. However, the circumstances are definitely different. The repercussions have lasted until this day, and will continue to echo through our lives, well...for the rest of our lives.

How about if I just explain it to you?

Again, this involved household appliances. Whereas in 2009 it was plumbing and air conditionining that were troubling me and needing attention, in May of 2010 it was my dryer that had gone out. My parents had come to Tulsa to watch my middle child graduate from high school (a whole 'nuther story), and decided to buy me a dryer. I did not ask them to; I had been washing clothes and hanging them outside to dry. My daughters' complaints of "hard towels to dry off with" probably pushed their sympathy buttons and they decided to buy the dryer so that their precious little grandbabies (ages 13 and 18) would not have to scrape their skin off with the rock-hard towels I was forcing them to use. Yeah, that sounds about right. Oh, and my ex was in town, too, for the same reason. (To watch his daughter graduate, not to buy me a dryer.)

The graduation happened on the 20th of May. It was nice, there were plenty of pictures taken, and a good time was had by all. Two days later, I was waiting for my dryer to be delivered, when my cell phone rang. My cell phone? I could have sworn I'd given them my home phone. I didn't recognize the number, either. What time is it? 8am. Huh. Well, I must've given them my cell number because I was told it would be delivered between 8am and noon, and they would call before they delivered it. Here it is 8am. How pleasant! For once, I am the first one on the delivery list. Yay! So, I guess I should answer my cell. Still, it's strange that I gave them my cell number. I never give out my cell number for stuff like -"Hello?"
"Hello. Is this Mike's mom?" Not at all what I expected to hear from the delivery guys.
"What? Who is this?"
"This is Mike's roommate's mom. Mike's here in the hospital, he's been shot several times, you should get here as soon as you can."
"It happened at about 5 this morning. You should come to the hospital."
"What?! Who is this!!"
"He's at Saint Francis hospital, he asked me to call you. I don't know why nobody's called you. You should come right now."
"Wait a minute....what?!"

Don't be frustrated with me. I thought it was the dryer people calling me. It's ridiculous. My son can't be shot. This woman has the wrong "Mike's mom". Mike is a pretty common name, after all. How did she get my number? This does not make any sense whatsoever. I thought it was the dryer people calling me. What is this woman talking about?? And not shot once, or just "shot", but "shot several times." No, my son would not be shot any times. There is definitely some sort of mistake. I need to find out who this lady is trying to call.

(Background) "Mom...I've been shot ... I'm gonna die."

Oh my God, that's my son's voice! This is real. I am the right "Mike's mom". Oh, no!